Overnight Hair Growth- Is it possible?

overnight hair growth - long Nigerian hair

Trust your week has been awesome! I was going through the web as usual for any useful content about hair care & growth. While at it, I saw Nadege’s blog post on how to grow your hair overnight. This is the kind of title that excites me. I opened it and there it was! With a simple pre-poo treatment, a lady achieved overnight hair growth by more than an inch. I couldn’t wait to see the ingredients she used. I prayed silently that it was not going to be any of those ingredients we don’t have in Lagos. My prayers were answered. She used 2 eggs, grape seed oil and coconut oil. I am definitely trying this method this weekend. I can’t wait!.

The good thing about this is that coconut oil & eggs are actually proteins that might be good for the hair. I used the word “might” because there has been some reports that eggs applied to the hair directly are not exactly beneficial. But you have to be careful about protein overload. Grape seed oil is also healthy too for the hair.

The steps she took:

1.Mixed the eggs with 4 tablespoons of grape seed oil. Then applied it all over her hair.

  1. She then put her hair up in a bun and wrapped a transparent kitchen foil on it & left it for 1 hour before rinsing it out.

3.She applied coconut oil all over her hair and wrapped the kitchen foil on it. She slept in this overnight.

When she checked the length of her hair the next day, she had grown more than an inch of hair. An inch of overnight hair growth is big deal because this is the growth most ladies will achieve in 2 months.

You can watch the video to see how she did it below.

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