Does Didi Plaits Grow Hair Longer?

Didi plaits Grow Hair Longer

These days, It is very common to see lots of women with didi plaits on their head. I was at the hair salon one day when a woman complained that her hair was not growing. Immediately, the owner of the salon responded with “Make you dey do didi, your hair go grow”. I have heard my roommates at the university also recommend this. It is believed that Didi plaits can grow their hair longer.

What are Didi plaits?

They are like the regular cornrows (weaving) except that you are weave the hair on the reverse. It is then as if you are weaving your hair inside out. They can be done in any size.

The Egbira women from Kogi state are well known for their skilfulness of this style. Didi can be done using your hair alone or with attachments like extensions, wools, etc.

Why People Think that Didi Plaits make the Hair Grow longer?

Whenever a stylist is making this style, she usually makes sure that her fingers picks every strand of hair on a person’s scalp. This is what gives this style a neat finish. However, this is an amazing protective style because all the ends of your hair are tucked. This can help your hair retain more length, so when you take it out, together with your new growth, your hair looks longer.

A lot of people believe that pulling your hair tightly when making it will enable it to grow faster. This is false. And a lot of hair stylists usually pull the hair tighter when making didi. Hence, ladies assume this tight pulling of didi grew their hair.
Ladies also claim that it allows a lot of fresh air to blow on their scalp. They believe this can make the hair grow too. I am unable to verify this claim o.
does didi make the hair grow longer?

How to Care for Didi Plaits

If you have decided to do this style, whether under your weavon, or as a hairstyle, here’s how to care for it:

Moisturize and seal your hair every day or every other day with water or leave-in conditioner and a natural oil of your choice.
You can deep condition every week or every two weeks as well even with the style on your head.

Feature photo by renowned photographer ©JD ‘Okhai Ojeikere

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