Pros and Cons of Washing in Cornrows

Pros and Cons of Washing in Cornrows

There a number of ways to have a wash day. They include washing in braids, twists, cornrows, or just washing the hair without sectioning it. For me, I prefer to wash my hair in about six to ten braids. This is because of the volume of my hair. It also makes washing easier and faster. I also do not use a lot of shampoo when I wash in braids. Some weeks ago, I tried to wash my hair cornrows for the first time. Since then, I have washed my hair twice in cornrows. I always look for new ways to wash my hair without experiencing lots of breakages. and excessive manipulation. Below are the pros and cons of washing your hair in cornrows.

Washing in cornrows helps to minimize breakages and excessive manipulation during wash days.


  1. It is relatively easy to wash my hair in cornrows as I do not have a lot of hair all over the place to handle
  2. It saves washing time as one does not need to do a detangling session.
  3. Manipulation is reduced


  1. It can lead to a lot of product build-up in the long run if all products are not washed off.
  2. The hair may not be as squeaky clean as you may want it if you have chunky cornrows

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