5 Affordable Hair Products (Below N1,000)

Affordable Hair Products

If you are like me, you will most likely sort a hair product website by low to high when looking to buy a new product. I am always looking out for sales as well as promos when it comes to hair products. However, this does not mean that I will lower the quality of what I want in a product just because of its price. So, I have decided to put together a few affordable hair products below N1,000.

Shea butter: Also known as “ori”. You can use it to seal in moisture into your hair. I have some natural hair ladies who said it made their hair softer. It is usually sold either in square cuts or in small containers. Depending on the quantity you want to get, the price ranges from N50 to N500. Here’s a post on how to identify fake shaea butter.

Affordable hair products – long Nigerian hair

Black soap: A lot of natural have a lot of nice things to say about this black soap especially that it does a good job at cleaning their scalp. You may have to melt it in warm water before you wash your hair with it. A bar of black soap like Dudu-Osun sells between N185 to N220 in lots of shops.

Coconut oil: One of the few affordable hair products below N1,000 is coconut oil. This is one of my favorite oils and thank God, it is quite affordable too. It is also called “Adi-agbon”.I got my N250ml bottle for N800. I use it for pre-poo as well as a massage oil for my scalp. It also helps to detangle your hair properly too.

Natural Deep Conditioners: I am referring to eggs, avocado, honey, etc. Many of these items are already in your kitchen. I usually add honey to my deep conditioners to give it some moisture boost. An egg is about N30 –N50 in Lagos. My mum used to have a mini poultry, so I got “free” eggs sometimes. Lol. Avocado also sells between N50 – N150 too. I got my bottle of original honey for N1,000 from a family friend who bought it from the honey hunters in Kogi state.

Affordable hair products – long Nigerian hair

Satin caps: One of the affordable hair products is a satin cap. We all know that sleeping in satin caps reduce hair breakage while sleeping and also prevent moisture loss from your hair. You can get one for yourself between N600-N900. You can even make one by yourself if you are a fan of DIYs.

Affordable hair products – long Nigerian hair

Remember that not all products work for everyone the same way. Know your hair and what works for it.

So, what good product have you used recently that worked for you below N1,000?

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