moisturized between wash days

How to Keep Your Hair Moisturized Between Wash Days

If you have natural hair, you’ve probably been wondering how to keep your hair moisturized between wash days. Maybe you have dry hair, and by the time you get to wash day, your natural curls are suffering breakage. Moisturization can even affect frizz and curl pattern definition during the week when you want to wear cute hairstyles to work and school.

As you probably know, curly hair thrives on moisture. It is always the first thing to check if you’re having a bad hair month. In this post, you’ll find helpful tips to keep your hair moisturized throughout the week so that you can rock your curls with minimal breakage.

Are You Moisturizing the Right Way on Wash Day?
The first step to keeping your hair moisturized between wash days is to make sure you layer products onto your hair. The LOC method was created for this purpose. When we layer products, we’re able to withstand harmful elements, like friction from a shirt collar or ponytail holder. And we can protect our hair strands from harsh elements like sun rays, wind, and pollution.

The basics of the LOC method are as follows:

  1. Liquid. Water is the best hydration on the planet. All aspects of our health need H2O to look and feel alive, including our hair and skin. You can choose to apply a detangler during this stage, for minimal breakage during the detangle process.

2. Oil. Favourite oils for coilies include avocado, jojoba, and coconut oils. Avocado oil is excellent because its molecules are the perfect size for penetrating the hair shaft. Jojoba oil is ideal because the texture and composition closely resemble the oils found on your scalp.

Coily hair often gets too dry because the natural sebum cannot make its way around the tight coils each day. Using jojoba is an excellent way to help the natural process. Coconut oil is a marvellous oil, praised for its antiviral, antimicrobial, and antifungal attributes. It softens and conditions the hair.

3. Cream. Using either a store-bought cream or butter is the ideal way to coat the hair and protect against damage that could occur during the week.

For a store-bought cream, use either a light daily leave-in conditioner or a heavier curl cream. Plain shea butter works well at this stage because it is nutritional and does an excellent job of sealing in the oil layer from the second stage.

moisturized between wash days

What to do Between Wash Days
Now that you know exactly how to moisturize on wash day let’s discuss techniques to prolong the moisture. Avoid waiting until your hair is dried out to hydrate. If you keep it moisturized before it needs it, you won’t have gaps in your routine that put you into panic mode.

Remember the LOC method above? The LOC method is the exact technique you’ll use between wash days. Only, during the week you’ll skip the shower water and head straight for a water spray bottle instead.

Your water spray bottle doesn’t only need to consist of water. You can add 5-10 drops of wonderful smelling essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Also consider adding glycerin, agave nectar or honey if you live in a dry climate. Humectants like these help coily hair by drawing moisture from the air into your hair.

A water-based detangler like Kinky Curly Knot Today works well here because it will help to detangle while hydrating.

Your hair doesn’t need to be soaking wet to absorb moisture. The idea is to dampen it to get it softer and more manageable. Plus, dampening will help it to dry faster so that you can set a hairstyle for the following day.

How often should you moisturize between washes?
It depends on how much your hair needs it, or how fast it loses moisture. The coilier your hair, the more you’ll need moisture. You might try moisturizing every 2-3 days.

However, some kinky curly types do a moisturization method every night before they go to bed. Setting your hair at night will give you nicer curls in the morning. It may even save you time, considering you may spend more time fiddling with your hair when it’s dry and unmanageable.

Stretched and Protective Hairstyles Are Less Drying
Have you noticed that when you try a wash and go, your hair gets tangled and more dehydrated on the second day? That’s because it’s unprotected and exposed to the elements. The wind, sun, and everyday friction take a toll on kinky hair.

Stretching natural hair isn’t just for naturals who want to loosen their curls. It helps protect the hair by allowing sebum oils to coat and nurture the hair. It also helps prevent damaging tangles.

Protective styling keeps some or all of the hair tucked in and preserved. Protective styles can be done with extensions, weaves, or wigs. Or you can do them with your natural hair only, by doing techniques like roll, tuck, pin and Bantu knots.

Most protective styles aim to cover the ends, which is the oldest part of the hair. You will retain length by covering the ends and not allowing them to be exposed to damage. It also prevents moisture from being sucked from the hair.

Keeping your hair moisturized between wash days will help you avoid tangles and dryness, two things that lead to breakage. If you keep your hair well-moisturized during the week, your natural curls will look and feel much healthier.

Have you tried any of these methods for keeping your hair moisturized between wash days?

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