How to Use Onions to Grow your Edges

How to Use Onions to Grow your Edges in Weeks

Remember that one time you saw a lady with full & supple front hairline and you immediately wished that was your hair? You might have even walked up to her & asked her to reveal the secret formula for her gorgeous hairline. I can imagine the way you felt when she told you that her hair has always been that way. Aargghh. Don’t lose hope yet. You can still grow your hairline. Try an inexpensive method onion juice to grow your edges.

Why will onion juice work?

Onions contain certain kinds of sulfur which helps with hair growth. According to this source,

Methylsulfonylmethane is a highly absorbable source of sulfur, found abundantly in onions especially in its outer layers. It facilitates the formation of keratin for hair, resulting in hair growth. It also helps a great deal in autoimmune conditions of hair loss like Alopecia Aereta.

Also a study shared on The National Center for Biotechnology Information’s website, showed that a group of mice treated with onion juice started regrowth of hair within just two weeks when the treatment was started. By 4 weeks, 73.9% of the mice being treated had hair growth.

By now, you are probably wondering how to get onion juice. Very simple! All you need is right in your kitchen. With onions, blender & sieve, you are good to go! Blend the onions and use a sieve to squeeze out the juice. See how I did it here.

How to use it to grow your edges

Massage the onion juice gently to your edges once or twice a day. I prefer to apply it nightly. I also created an e-pamphlet for how to use it. Download it below.

What to do avoid during the onion juice treatment period

  1. Avoid tight hairstyles. They will make your hair loss worse due to the stress they cause on the edges
  2. Avoid combing your edges with the rat tail comb. If possible, use your fingers to carefully smoothen your edges
  3. Avoid styling your hair into a bun too often. It will reduce the strain on your edges.

Things to do Regularly during this period

  1. Shampoo & deep condition your hair regularly to maintain the health of your hair
  2. Wear a satin cap to sleep to reduce breakage
  3. Eat healthily & take lots of water. Healthy hair begins from the inside.

Before you even try DIY recipes for hair growth, it is important to visit a trichologist to give you medical advice on your hair growth.

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